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Sunday, December 13, 2015

1 Month Of Not Being Homeless - An Update.

Originally posted to my gofundme page...

I've been in my apartment for just over a month, so I thought I would post this update.  The apartment wasn't ready until 11/5 and I'm still not all the way moved in yet.  My cat is still staying at my friend's house with him and his girlfriend's 4 other cats.  I'm hoping to go down and get her this weekend(Ms. Teschmacher, not my friend's gf). 

My cooktop doesn't work, so I eat out too much or eat cold cuts. I just worked 122.25 hrs for the last two week pay period, so my check this Friday should be huge.

I'm still poor though...

My gas tank has some weird issue where it has to be filled really slowly or it shuts off when filling.  I used most of my last check for rent and cell phone and various other bills, so I'm not saving yet.

I'm still a non-running car away from losing this job.

I'll always have that anxiety, at least as long as I have a beater, emergency car and only make $11/hr.  I'm going to start looking around for Columbus, OH based food industry work. In the meantime, I have a pretty decent non-professional job, so I'm in an ok place. My apartment is smaller than I realized, but it's relatively cheap.  If the car croaks, I'm on the bus line and can hopefully find a walkable/busable job.  I originally set this gofundme campaign for $2000, not really knowing what amount to set.  If you want to give more, it won't be wasted, but I'm done campaigning for dollars online.

A sincere thanks to those who gave, and to many people who gave multiple times. You helped me not be homeless. This is the start. I still need to show up every day and fight for better pay or better, more relevant work.  

I'll never settle. 

Thanks again.