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Help me be NOT poor.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


In college, one of my friends dated a girl named Toria. Toria had a friend named Laura, and Laura could have a bit of a prickly demeanor. There was an epic argument that stemmed from a comment I made to my friend about a pic. I meant no harm, but my friend's girlfriend's prickly friend's protective instincts kicked in and she let loose with a barrage of insults, including this one:

"You should get a cat, so you'd at least have one friend."

A couple years later, I was down and out, staying with my parents in their poor person apartment. It was a bitter cold winter in 2010. One day, I was getting something out of my car, and this cat appeared:

She then jumped in my open car door:

It was pretty cold and I think, more than anything, she was trying to warm up. This cat was homeless. I wasn't doing much better, living with my poor parents. Eventually, my mom held the door open for way too long while bringing in groceries, and walla... we have a cat.

Eventually, my mom pretended the cat was my idea and the responsibility fell on me to look after her.

She's been staying with a friend since June, when I became homeless.  I miss her.

The good news is I got an apartment!  The less good news is that it isn't ready to move in until 11/3.

I'm still about $600 short of my goal over at 

While I did get the apartment, I still need money for apartment supplies, food, and costs associated with getting all of my things to Columbus from Cincinnati.

I can't wait to move into my apartment, even though it's nerve wrecking because it was supposed to be 11/1, but got pushed back...

And I miss my cat.

The apartment ad:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Goal.

The following was posted as an update to my GoFundMe campaign:

I've learned some interesting and hard truths about humanity after I started this GoFundMe campaign.

If you profess yourself as homeless and in need of help, many people won't believe you.

This is similar to the responses I've gotten to Poor Blog by people I call, 'bootstrappers' - those who find something, anything wrong  that you've done and use that as an excuse to place the full blame on you; typically resulting in the clich├ęd call to pull yourself up by your boot straps.

It boils down to a lack of empathy. I'd like to think this cold hearted reaction is something of a defense mechanism. If everybody who is poor or homeless, is poor or homeless because of their own actions, then you don't have to worry about becoming poor or homeless, in part, because of circumstances beyond your control.

Worse than not believing me, is people ignoring me altogether.

This is the largest response to my campaign, which is nothing... literally.

Don't get me wrong, I have had some donors, who I appreciate immensely. When the GoFundMe  campaign launched, I was quickly on pace to reach my goal in less than 2 days, but it quickly died.  I have received many RT's, my retweet reach has been in the hundreds of thousands, yet the donations slowed to a trickle.

The retweets I get now are from just a couple people, who themselves are ostracized from their peers - so the impact of those RT's is pretty low.

I have learned that for some, political issues trumps the well being of people they would claim to care about.  The people that picked up my homeless tweets are anti #GMO. For the record, I support #GMO, but I was in no position to turn down help, especially since I have resorted to what the bootstrappers call 'online begging'.

What I noticed was that the dedication of the much maligned anti-GMO tweeters far outpaced that of my own friends on the  GMO side.  Part of the reason is that the anti-GMO tweeter's RT's weren't seen by the  GMO tweeters who already blocked them.

But that doesn't really explain it. I tweeted plenty about being homeless & will often tag my tweets with #GMO... and no response.  

I'm $1,070 short of my goal. The reason I need to raise this money is that my job pays just enough to cover rent, but not the deposit, cost of turning on utilities, food and sundry items for the apartment, and costs associated with getting my things(and cat) from Cincinnati up to Columbus.

The longer I have to wait to save up the money, the less likely I am to find an affordable apartment.

What I need from you is 1. money.., not gonna lie and 2. promotion.  I need people who don't follow me to see my homeless tweets or your tweet about my homelessness with the GoFundMe link.  To get 10 donors, I need thousands of tweets/shares/etc.

Please help.


You can still donate to my PayPal by using the link on my Twitter profile.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Less Bad Is Not Good

Things are not as bad as they were a month ago. I now have a job that I'm training for. My car has a new battery, a new right outer tie rod, and via a Hyundai recall, a new subframe.

So things certainly aren't as dire.

Through an uncomfortable amount of solicitation, I was fortunate enough to raise gas money to get me to work until I get paid. I also found out on day one, that HR was wrong and my 1st pay will be on October 9th, not October 16th. I also learned that I get an attendance bonus, paid quarterly.

So that's certainly not a bad thing.  Yes, things are better, but they aren't good.

Currently, I commute about 73 miles a day for work, which is too much gas and too much wear and tear on an already worn car. My brakes are fading. I have no savings.

I really want to get an apartment. I'm homeless still, but couch surfing in my sister's basement, so it could be worse...

And this is the frustration. Some people stepped up big and donated so I could have gas money to get to work, but when I tried to raise some money to be able to get an apartment sooner rather than later, it has been virtual crickets with a couple exceptions.

Things are better, but they aren't good.

I'm still in training for a few more weeks. After the training period is over, I'll be eligible to work overtime. Overtime is what I really need, and it would be great if I had an apartment to come home to with a shorter commute to make all the overtime of a peak season for this job(call center) more bearable. Also, if I have an apartment by the time training is done, I'll have more time to work more overtime.

I would love to get some donations toward getting an apartment, which I would combine with my 1st check.

If you wish to help me get a place to live sooner rather than later, just click the link on my Twitter profile or click here: I promise you I'm not some scammer, just a guy trying to climb out of the cellar, find a place to live, and reunite with my cat, Ms. Teschmacher. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fear The Walking Zombie Debt.

Any Ohio licensed JD's able to help out with something?  

I'm dealing with Zombie Debt & the creditor handling the summary judgement, National Check Bureau c/o David Bader, is draining my bank account slowly and sporadically, allowing interest and whatever fees he can dream up, to accumulate.

In 2010, this creditor(person who bought my debt) started taking money out of my bank account.  I was able to talk to them and explain that I was in a pretty bad shape, financially, and asked if they could  give some breathing room. I may have agreed to make payments, which never happened, either because I didn't have it or because it slipped my mind completely.

Obviously, I bare some responsibility here, much in the same way that the guy trying to talk the meter maid into 'letting it slide' failed to get back to his car on time. Except, I will say that this firm bought bad debt, they weren't trying to collect money they lent me personally. Inherently, there is a touch of douchebaggery baked into their business model, that is, to exploit the financial shortcomings of others while charging interest and fees.

They probably bought my debt for a few hundred dollars at most, but attempted to collect the full amount of the original debt. I guess, it's lucrative work if you lack all empathy and soul.

In early June(5 years later, I checked my bank account and discovered that $102.55 had been withdrawn by this lawyer and National Check Bureau. It was his bank garnishment in June that led me to leave my apartment. I no longer had the rent.  I'm starting a new job and will be saving to get a place to live, and I'm afraid that he'll swoop in just when I have enough money saved and drain my account. Every time he does this, the court charges $50, which gets added to the 'fees' I have to pay.  I barely have the gas money I need to commute until I get my first check. Imagine if the gas/food money I sorely need is stripped away?

If anyone can, please donate. That money is safe in my PayPal until I need to withdraw it.  If anyone is or knows a lawyer licensed in Ohio that is willing to contact these guys on my behalf and get them to back off or set up some other arrangements, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Since I last posted, I have more details about my car, my plight, and possibly, a little flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

1st - Car

As I already tweeted, it wasn't my starter, it was the battery. I got a battery & some much needed 5W-30 at Autozone, dipping into my commute funds by $130.

So it's good to know my starter isn't actually going out, but devastating that I spent well over half of my gas/food to last until 1st check money on a battery.


I signed my new hire paperwork today and got my training schedule. I have an orientation day on the 18th and the 1st full day is the next Tuesday. Training at this ace is Tuesday thru Saturday for 4 weeks.

Bad news.

This job pays biweekly, which is fairly common in customer service.  The bad part is that my 1st check won't be until October 16th, a month and 4 days from now.

Without help, I won't make it to my 1st pay.

Any help is appreciated.  Tweet this link to others who can donate if you cannot.  If you don't want to donate money, because you think I'm some sort of cracked out schemer, then maybe you could send a prepaid gas card... If you would like to mail something like that, just DM me on Twitter and I'll give you an address to send it to. Please note that I didn't say my address, because I'm technically homeless.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Good news: I have a job offer for the Columbus call center job and I'm supposed to sign paperwork Thursday.

Bad News: I think the starter in my 2001 Hyundai Sonata finally died today and the car won't start.

I don't really have enough gas $ to get back and forth to the new job until I get my 1st paycheck, let alone $ to get a new starter put in.

If I can't get this car started, I can't get up to Columbus, and even if I get up there somehow, I have no reliable transportation to get to the new job.

I really need money to get a starter put in that rusty car. This isn't some scheme. I assure you the damn car is dead at the moment. My dad said to try jump starting it, and maybe then I can get it up to Columbus, but I have no idea if that's gonna work.

This is the reality of poverty. No savings and any small setback can derail an opportunity.

I really need help & I'm running out of ppl to ask.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Next Steps.

As I find myself constantly clawing my way out of the cellar, it becomes difficult to chart progress; a donation helps, but I need more. Getting interviews are great, but they aren't job offers.  Decent paying jobs are great, but I still wouldn't make enough to pay on student loan debt and save for retirement.

Here lately, the victories have come in the form of strategic retreats; losing a battle to save resources to keep the larger war effort going.  My war is constant poverty.  Everyone started it. Crappy circumstances met against a stubborn will to find a job I wanted to wake up every morning for, and this was complicated by a recession, poor money management skills(though a lot of people would fail to save when they don't make enough to live), and an erratic job history.

This war has both humbled me and desensitized me to the ups and downs every person feels in life.  Everything about me has steeped in a dreary grey.  That's great for an English breakfast, but it makes it hard to recognize any crests along the way.

Since my last post, I haven't heard back on the technical writer job. The recruiter never even replied to my emails.  Honestly, I'm used to being treated this way.  My AEP job fell through. The placement agency thought I was a great candidate, but....  I emailed to ask why I was rejected, but they never replied.  They NEVER reply.  Part of me thinks that I have been rejected for discriminatory reasons, which make many employers unable to be honest. But I'm not going to cry discrimination as a white male who did far too much hero eating in his 20's to show off to friends.

That leaves the other Columbus opportunity, which is at a call center for Restoration Hardware, I suspected I had a good chance because the skills test I took went well and the interview I had went great.  At the end of the interview, I asked her if there was any reason why she wouldn't hire me, which resulted in her taking the next 5 minutes to compliment me.  She told me she would send a background check and we would go from there.  I filled the background check forms out online as soon as they were emailed to me and have been waiting anxiously to hear back.

Today, I got too impatient and emailed her for an update.  When she called me back she said my background check had not come back yet.... but she would like to extend an offer contingent on the results of the background check.


It's a criminal background check and I'm squeaky clean, so I'm going take a moment to celebrate.  The job training will start on September 18th, in West Jefferson, which is 10 miles west of Columbus.  I stay in Cincinnati, over 100 miles away.  So yes, I still need donations if anyone can spare them for gas and food money.  Even if this place pays weekly, it will be 2 weeks after September 18th before I get paid at the earliest.

So my next steps are to get enough money to actually make it to the new job, then save enough money couch surfing and working to move up to Columbus.  There's always the chance that I get mixed up with someone else and my background check has some sort of errors on it, but I'm going to try to be positive for a while and hope for the best.

Feel free to distribute the link to this blog if you are unable to donate, Maybe other people who follow you on Twitter or Facebook will be able to  share the link or donate.

Thank you in advance.